The Ultimate Movie Marathons

Any old fool can watch a b-grade horror movie and review it (as this blog is testamony to), but it takes a team of fools to sit down and watch an entire franchise in a day. That, dear reader, is what an Ultimate Movie Marathon is. Undertaken by myself, Tropical Mary, Stygian Mole and sundry others, Ultimate Movie Marathon days are no-holes barred, uninterrupted, live tweet-filled, artery clogging days where we plow through every original movie in a franchise. Holding our bodies together through this is a lot of Coca Cola, a lot of nicotine and a pizza half-way through. Below are the franchises we have seen so far. Please feel free to recommend franchises (especially the more obscure ones) and check us out on Twitter to see when the next one’s coming up!


The Final Destination franchise

The Friday the 13th franchise

The Hellraiser franchise

The Nightmare on Elm Street franchise

The Twilight franchise

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