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End of the End of the World Month

OK everyone, you can decompress and make your way out of the fallout shelters, End of the World Month is over! It’s been one helluva ride and Earth has ended in many spectacular ways. From alien invasions to freak weather conditions to our ultimate demise beyond the stars, I’ve been through it all (so you don’t have to). Think of this as a little preparatory guide should the world actually come to an end in any of these amazing ways. In case you missed any of it, here are all the movies I watched:

2012: Doomsday

2012: Ice Age

2012: Supernova

Alien Armageddon

Aliens VS Avatars

Arctic Blast

Earth’s Final Hours


Humanity’s End

Ice Twisters

Meteor Apocalypse

Seeds of Destruction

Quantum Apocalypse

So that’s that then. I will return you to your regular b-horror programming soon. Thanks to everyone who read, liked or commented on any of this month’s reviews. It’s been an absolute blast and I’m glad you all tagged along for the ride!

The Party’s Over


July was an amazing month, but like all good things even a month stuffed full of crap movies from the 80s must run its course. I have learned many things on this little adventure, and I hope that everyone who has read my reviews is equally enlightened. Now it is time to carry on as I have before and look for cheese from any era I desire and rip it to shreds with as much humour as I can muster. Gone are the 80s hair, the spandex and the music but rest assured, dear readers, they will be replaced with things just as bad if not more so, just from a later time in b-movie film-making that we are all a little more familiar with. If you missed any of the 80s madness, here’s a list of movies that form part of my first themed month:



Blood Diner

Blood Lake

Blood Sisters

Cannibal Hookers


Howling III: The Marsupials

The Video Dead

Let the horrible, cheesy times roll!

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