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Horror Bloggers Give Back

Well, who would have thought the day would come when I’d be asked to do something useful with this blog? To be honest I’m apathetic to most things, but since I tend to care more for my various animals than I do for most people this was a cause I was more than happy to get behind.

The Plastic Pollution Coalition is running a Halloween competition aimed at highlighting the dangers that disposable plastics present to the environment. The fact that it doesn’t biodegrade means that it can cause enormous amounts of damage to the ocean and sea life, as well as causing problems on land and interrupting a number of food chains, our own included.

So where does Halloween come into all of this? The Plastic Pollution Coalition is running a Plastic Creeps Costume Contest. All you need to do is come up with a Halloween costume made from everyday plastic items that you have recycled. Once it’s made you take a photo of yourself in it and upload it to their Facebook page by the 31st of October where it will be judged just after Halloween.

It’s a worthy cause, and it’s a different way to express our creativity on this most gruesome of holidays 🙂

Info on the Plastic Creep Costume Contest can be found HERE.

The Plastic Pollution Coalition’s Facebook page can be found HERE.

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