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Lammy 2013 Nomination


1 Nomination

So, it turns out I’ve been nominated in the Best Horror Blog category for the 2013 Lammy Awards.

This truly is an honour, as I never really intended for this blog to be anything more than my random thoughts on a few truly atrocious horror movies. The fact that there are people who not only read it, but actually enjoy reading what I have to say, is very heart warming.

So here’s how it works: click here to find the full list of all the little Lambs who’ve been nominated. Give them a read, there are some really awesome bloggers that are nominated this year. If you are a Lamb member, voting can be done by clicking here. Voting closes on the 30th of April.

Also, if you’re on Twitter, follow me and spread the love, for me and all the other nominees, by using the tag #LAMMY2013

Thanks for the nomination, and remember to keep coming back for all the horror cheese you can possibly handle!

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