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iDig Your Blog Award

The delightful Wednesday’s Child over at In It For The Kills has awarded me my first award, the ‘iDig Your Blog’ award. The rules for receiving this award are as follows:

1.) Gratefully accept this award.
2.) Link to the person you are receiving it from.
3.) Post 3 interesting facts about yourself.
4.) Pass this around to at least 5 blogs you dig.
5.) Notify them.

So here goes!

1.) I gratefully accept this award. I’d like to thank all the little actors and whacked-out directors that made it all possible, and promise to do my best to keep the traditions of ragging on b-grade horror movies going strong.

2.) Head on over to In It For The Kills and check it out!

3.) As with my choice in certain movies, I enjoy listening to horrible music (think Kim Kardashian’s Jam). The logic is that if they can make money off their music then there’s nothing I can’t do.

However strange it may seem, I am a firm believer in having separate mugs for tea and coffee. The right mug just makes them taste better.

Left unsupervised and with my iPod I will turn my kitchen into my own private dance club. Being white, you can imagine that my kitchen has seen some terrible things.

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