Level of Awful: Requires Post-Film Lobotomy

Welcome to The Crypt’s ‘Requires Post-Film Lobotomy’ rated movies. These are the ultimate worst of the worst. Only the most seasoned b-horror fan should even think of attempting these movies. As the category suggests, the person that began watching the movie and the person once it’s finished may not be the same.


1313: Cougar Cult

2012: Doomsday

Antfarm Dickhole


AVH: Alien VS Hunter

Bad Biology

Birdemic: Shock and Terror

Black Devil Doll

Cannibal Hookers

Death Bed: The Bed That Eats


Dracula 3000

Flu Birds

Hookers in a Haunted House



Piranha 3DD

Queen Cobra

Terror at Blood Fart Lake

Terror Toons

Terror Toons 2: The Sick & Silly Show

Tokyo Gore Police

Vampire Whores From Outer Space

Weasels Rip My Flesh

  1. Good list but I loved tokyo gore Police & quite enjoyed Bad Biology

    • A very strange part of me enjoyed Tokyo Gore Police (I want the strawberry wrist cutter), but Bad Biology I didn’t like at all.

  2. Out of curiosity have you seen Vampire Girl Vs Frankenstein Girl, if so what did you think?

    • I haven’t actually, but I’ve seen quite a few people talking about it recently so I’d be quite keen to give it a go.

      Japanese movies are not really my area of expertise, so I’m open to recommendations.

      • VGVFG is a lot of fun & very odd. I could go on for hours about J-Horror but in truth the best stuff is generally Korean (Unless you like endless films with long haired ghosts, if so stick with Japan)

      • I am quite partial to a good long haired ghost, I won’t lie. I think my main problem is that I’ve never had a good introduction to the genre. One of the first that I watched was Three… Extremes and it just kind of put me off them. What would you recommend as a gentle easing-in movie?

      • Three movies spring instantly to mind. Noroi (The Curse) is without a doubt the creepiest movie ever made. This one really crawls under your skin & unnerves. Shutter (Thai film) is a wonderful ghost story & A Tale Of Two Sisters is an incredibly thought provoking pyshcological horror. All three are reviewed on my site.

      • I’ve seen the American versions of Shutter and A Tale of Two Sisters, so I’d be quite keen to watch the originals. I’ll check out your reviews and try and get hold of them. Thanks!

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