The Great Blog Migration

As the three people who follow this blog may have noticed, I haven’t been around to publish a movie review since last July. It’s been sad, since I really have missed being on here as much as I once was.

Unfortunately, adult life got in the way – apparently after you finish a Masters degree you need to go out and do things like get a real job and pay rent. This can greatly distract from the amount of time that was previously dedicated to watching awful movies (which, in turn, was previously used to take up time that should have been spent doing research).

The upside to finishing major degrees, however, is that you suddenly find yourself with a lot of free time that you wouldn’t have previously thought possible – being able to read an entire novel in less than 9 months, for example. So, as time went on, the blog suffered as a new and exciting life kicked into place for me.

The problem with all of that is that I genuinely enjoy blogging; it’s just that I have found it incredibly difficult to maintain this one. It served a purpose, and now that time has come to an end and I just don’t feel like watching a never-ending-stream of terrible movies any more.

To that end, I have decided to launch a new blog: A World of Weird. This allows me a fresh start – I still plan on reviewing awful movies (the love for that particular hobby certainly hasn’t died, it’s just made friends with some new hobbies), but now I can deal with a lot of other things (music and books of the same standard as many of the movies I’ve watched, for example 😉 ).

A World of Weird is still very much a work in progress, but I hope that I can have as much fun with it as I used to have with this one. To the people I met on this Blog, I hope you’ll pop over and see the new one. If not, thanks for the great conversations and fun suggestions, and all the best for your blogs!

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