Countdown To The Twilight / Final Destination UMM



It’s that time again boys and girls!

It’s been a while since we did our last Ultimate Movie Marathon, but I’ve assembled my elite crack squad of movie watchers for our most epic undertaking yet!

Not content to take on the franchises that actually matter, me, Tropical Mary, Stygian Mole and the Occult Specialist have set our sights on possibly the worst movie franchise ever created: Twilight.

To balance out the sheer pain and torture the five Twilight movies will subject us to, we are also going to knock another franchise out of the park on the same day: Final Destination.

As always myself and Tropical Mary will be live tweeting the whole event, so do pop onto our Twitter feeds and share in our pain and insanity. It’ll be nice to know that there’s another world out there while we subject ourselves to all of this.

The Twilight / Final Destination UMM is happening on Friday the 29th of March.

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  1. I can’t believe I missed this!!!!! In my defense, I was moving but still. 😦 So much epic live tweeting that was happening I imagine.

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