Seance: The Summoning

Year of Release: 2011
Genre: Horror
IMDB Rating: 3.2 / 10
Level of Awful: High
Breast-O-Meter: 0.5 /5


First off, I’d like to apologise for my recent silence and lack of reviews. I’m in a mad, desperate rush to submit my MA dissertation before the end of the year, and my guess is that it’s gonna get a whole lot worse before it gets better, but I’m gonna try to update things as often as possible. All work and no play makes James a dull boy, after all 😉

Anyways, what to say about Seance: The Summoning. In all the years I’ve been watching shitty horror I’ve never come across a movie quite like this one. To say that it was a rollercoaster to watch is an understatement, and at no point did I ever know how to feel about what I was watching. It’s either one of the most bigoted movies against Christianity ever made, or it’s one of the greatest pieces of Christian propaganda that’s not so cleverly masquerading as a horror movie. At points it’s painful to watch, other times it’s a fun b-movie, and there are also times when you feel it’s pulling itself together nicely. The actors seemed to learn how to act as they went along, so on that front it starts painfully and ends somewhere that’s slightly above average. On the whole I really just don’t know how to feel, but for putting me through so many ups and downs I declare it to be a High Level of Awful. Take that movie crew et al.!

OK, who forgot to pack the malevolent spirit?

Sara is a delightful born again Christian girl who just wants to make the world a better place through Christ’s love. To do this, she’s going to help her friend Eva out with a seance. Because Jesus wants you to summon up the spirits of the damned. Eva comes from a long line of psychic mediums who have perfected their craft over the generations. Her grandmother was burned as a witch by the Catholic Church, but those were less tolerant times and you make do with the hand you’ve been dealt. While the two girlfriends are sitting in a park chatting about life Eva decides to give Sara a tarot card reading. What follows is the most vague and subjective insight into the nether realms you’ve ever heard, but it serves to inform us that, before being reborn, Sara was a very, VERY bad girl. Not that that should come back to haunt her or anything later on…

“Have a seance” you said. “It’ll be fun!” you said. Stupid bitch.

The girls meet up with Joey and Marcus in the park, whereupon they hatch this ingenious plan: they’ll drive a hearse to the morgue for uncollected bodies (hobos, druggies, prostitutes etc., so you know these are some angry spirits) and hold a seance after they’ve inspected the corpse freezer. Joey, in addition to being a security guard at said morgue, is busy doing his unspecified degree in something paranormal and wants to record Eva contacting the dead. Marcus is a stone cold atheist and is only tagging along because a) he wants to bang Lisa and b) if Eva can’t summon up a spirit, she has to dance in a bikini at all of his DJ gigs for a specified amount of time that I can’t quite recall. I reiterate: awesome plan guys!

Now you might experience a slight sensation of extreme agony…

Now, as every reasonable person knows, it’s never a party until someone goes home devastated. In the process of summoning the dead it comes out that Marcus isn’t so much an atheist as he is a closeted psychic. It explains so much really. With the secret out and his friends telling him that it’s OK, that they don’t care if he’s interested in talking to the dead, and that there’s nothing to be ashamed of because he was born that way, the resident evil spirit (see what I did there?) sees a soft target and possesses him. Armed with the powers of hell and an ability to roll his ‘r’s with such power it would intimidate the most hardened latino, Marcus is intent on controlling the whole world. It’ll be up to Eva and Sara to use a concoction of psychic power and Christianity (and a little rubber tubing) to banish this evil back to the hole it crawled out of.


  • No seance is complete without some Satanic apple juice.
  • Satan has his own brand of seance-ready candles.
  • Blondes think that a red flashing light is the highest form of security for a building.
  • Sending a woman with a camera to a toilet next to the corpse freezer in a morgue is an excellent way to come on to her.
  • Why does a morgue for unclaimed bodies need a family waiting area?
  • Good Christian girls have a really powerful right hook.
  • There’s nothing more unattractive than a closeted spirit channeler.
  • There’s no high quite as good as an embalming fluid high.
  • Demons are trained to be back up strippers in case times get tough in Hell.
  • Never tell a demon your secrets – he’ll be running all over town airing your dirty laundry.
  • In the event of friend’s demonic possession, sex is your best weapon against them.



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  1. It’s not often that I want to watch newer B movies, but if this is available on Netflix streaming I might. Evil spirits vs idiots is kind of my jam.

  2. I think I might have seen this…or another movie just like this. It’s so hard to tell these days…So many evil spirits and seances, so little time.

  3. Nice review. Will have to check this out.

  4. Good review.

  5. Is it just me or does the movie poster have absolutely nothing to do with the movie? A guy was possessed not a girl!!

  6. What brain dead, uneducated, hack made this garbage?

    Its not just offensive, its a crime against nature.

    There was no actual research done for this movie, its just bs muddled with nonsense and a lot of gobbledygook thrown in and mixed together. Wala, this insult.

    Let’s start off with with its beginning wording.

    Wrong. There are more than two kinds of people. Those that believe, those that don’t, those that are unsure, and those that know based on experiences.

    Santeria has zero to do with Wicca. So why would any Santerian use wicca terminology, especially gardnerian wicca? They wouldn’t and don’t.

    That whole perfect love and perfect trust line was ripped straight from the craft. You do not use that ever, especially when using an ouija board. In fact, you don’t create a circle at all unless you are creating a circle of protection.

    Now there are 5 Elements to summon, not 4. East does not represent the Element Air, unless the sun referrers to a big burning ball of Air. I don’t think it does. East represents Fire and a Red candle is used. South represents Air and a Yellow candle is used. West represents Water and a Blue candle is used. North represents Earth and a Green candle is used, not purple. Center (which was not even summoned) represents Spirit, here is where the purple candle is used. So that “circle” was incomplete to begin with. This is basic Paganism 101 (not the new age hippy bs stuff).

    It can be found if some actual research is done. And no East/Fire and South/Air are not interchangeable.

    Now as for using the ouija, you do a protection spell/ritual first, before use. Its to protect all using or being near the board. If she was actually Santerian like her grandmother taught her, she would’ve known all of this.

    Demons do not automatically possess a human like that. Even after touching the eye/planchette. They prefer to do other things.

    Oh and you cannot get a Demon to “pass on” or into the next dimension. They already come from a dimension much higher than Earth.

    A Santerian, Pagan, Occultist, any of us would never have to convert to deal with Demons. That is just flat out bs. You can use any ritual that is to expel demons, however that is only if you believe in what you are saying. The hack got right, you must believe in the words that you are saying..

    As for that whole making her a queen thing? Nonsense!

    The whole beating up the person that’s possessed. Are you kidding me? That will not do anything. A demon is a thousand times more powerful and stronger than humans.

    This whole movie was one big insult, made by uneducated brain dead hacks. The information was completely incorrect and, badly researched.

    This is not because of other movies I saw, its because I am a Polytheist/Occultist Demonologist/Demonolatress (Non Religious), High Priestess. I have been researching and practicing my entire life, so I know was is accurate and what is a second rate hack job with nonsense thrown together.

    I would love to meet the people that created this movie. For one simple reason. So I could punch them in the face.

    I stand by what I said earlier. Its not just offensive, its a crime against nature.

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