Countdown to Hellraiser UMM

The time has come for yet another Ultimate Movie Marathon!

This time we’ll be taking on the Hellraiser franchise. Myself and Tropical Mary will be handling the live tweeting, swapping back and forth from movie to movie. We will be joined on our adventure by the Stygian Mole and our Occult Specialist, both of whom will be responsible for keeping track of the total kill count and Breast-O-Meter readings, as well as the final death-to-breast ratio.

The marathon’s taking place on Friday the 13th of July. Do pop onto Twitter and see how we’re doing!

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  1. Sounds like fun! 🙂

  2. Haha look forward to the death-to-breast ratio. That’s a life changing statistic, for sure.

  3. I’ve seen this entire series… And most of it is pretty damn bad. The first one is bloody amazing. The second was pretty good. It’s just downhill after that. I’m pretty sure that for the majority of the DTV sequels, they took unrelated scripts, tweaked them, and then slapped the HELLRAISER label on them.

    I did like INFERNO though. Thought it was one of the more unique films of the series, which at least tried something different. But it’s been pretty divisive among fans (who don’t know what the hell they’re talking about). Looking forward to see what you think.

    • I’ve seen most of them, but whether I’ve watched them in the right order is a whole other story. I’m really looking forward to the great start and then the epic drop off that I’ve heard happens.

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