Piranha 3DD Ft. Tropical Mary

Year of Release: 2012
Genre: Comedy / Horror
IMDB Rating: 4.4 / 10
Level of Awful: Requires Post-Film Lobotomy
Breast-O-Meter: Off the charts


Let me start off this review by stating the obvious: aaaaaaaahhhhh!!!!! I’m a great fan of the Piranha movies. I liked them when they were eating people in the 70s, I liked them when they learned to fly in the 80s, and I even thought that Piranha 3D was a lot of fun. This was not fun. Not even having Tropical Mary to watch it with me could undo the damage that this movie inflicts on a person. Made to cater to the absolute lowest common denominator, Piranha 3DD takes all the things that should make it fun (boobs, a water park and thousands of ferocious man-eating fish) and somehow manages to make it both horribly painful and tremendously boring to watch. If you’re a really randy 14-year-old boy who hasn’t quite figured out how internet porn works yet, then this is probably the movie for you. Anyone else, steer the hell away from this one.

It’s an underwater Christmas Tree decoration farm.

A whole year has passed since the tragic events at Lake Victoria. The lake has had every conceivable poison dumped into it to eradicate its piranha population and the whole area has been declared a disaster zone. Captain Obvious’ wife does a little voice over work as a news caster reporting on the incident, asking the audience that if this tragedy could happen here, could it happen somewhere else? It’s as though God himself heard this question and, to spite us little mortals, takes us to another lake where two farmers are trying to drag the corpse of a cow out of the water. The corpse is littered with piranha eggs falling out of every possible orifice and these are released when the farmers accidentally blow up the corpse. After a quick snack on the farmers the piranhas begin their journey to discover a new source of food.

Taking the concept of getting down on your knees for Jesus to a whole other level.

Spending time watching farmers and dead cows, of course, leaves us dangerously without gratuitous shots of naked females, something that this movie simply will not stand for, so we are now taken to a water park called Big Wet. Big Wet is owned by a man named Chet who plans to fill the park with water certified strippers and a gated-off adult swimming pool mainly aimed at those wanting to participate in a quick orgy. Maddy, Chet’s stepdaughter, isn’t overly taken by this idea, but she’s not the majority shareholder in the park so she just has to shut the hell up. When two of her friends mysteriously disappear and she herself is attacked by a group of piranhas in a nearby lake she takes it upon herself to find out what the chances of them rocking up at the water park are. We’re told something about sulphur dioxide in the lakes and the chlorine in the pools and suddenly it’s obvious where the fish will be heading next.

This speaks for itself.

Of course the chlorine in the pool is the least of their worries when it becomes apparent that Chet has discovered a better way to fill the pools in the park. Why pay for water when you can drain an underground lake? Maddy points out the obvious piranha problem that these underground lakes have, for which she is forcibly dragged away by her policeman ex-boyfriend who’s been taking bribes from Chet. After some poor homages to A Nightmare on Elm Street and Planet Terror, as well as a piranha eating a man’s penis, the park is suddenly inundated with these little fuckers. David Hasselhoff proves to be of little use in fighting the fish off, and the only thing that temporarily slows the little buggers down are the drains in the pool (which appear to be more powerful than the vacuum in outer space). By this point it all becomes such a confusing mess you couldn’t give two shits who makes it and who doesn’t; you’re just so busy praying to the heavens above that the end credits will roll soon.


  • Confession before fornication is a sign of a good Christian lady.
  • Being a 49% shareholder in anything means you should sleep in a prison cell.
  • ‘Fade to lake’ is never going to take off as an effective way to move between scenes.
  • You really don’t want to know the things a young man can do with a water pump.
  • A woman’s vagina is a perfect incubator for fish eggs.
  • You deserve a Darwin Award if you can’t get out of a paddling pool.



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  1. “A woman’s vagina is a perfect incubator for fish eggs.”

    Alrighty then 🙂

  2. Yep, staying far away from this one. Yours is the 3rd bad review I’ve read in a week. “Confession before fornication is a sign of a good Christian lady.” – Yep, that’s pretty much how it works. 😉

    • I read all the bad reviews, but decided to go ahead with it anyway. You’d think I’d learn. So far as confession goes, clearly there’s some Catholic guilt in that one. What ever happened to ‘for what I am about to receive I am truly thankful’?

  3. “•A woman’s vagina is a perfect incubator for fish eggs.” A statement like that is practically begging me to see it. I know it will be awful, I know I will hate myself for ignoring yourself & so many other people who have said it stinks. But I know I will end up watching it, sigh!

  4. Ok despite evrything I sat down & watched this. It is truly awful, if anything your review was kind to it lol

    • Like I said, it has everything that should make it spectacular. Let it be known that any movie that starts with a piranha coming out of a cow’s unidentified orifice will not go smoothly.

      • It did have one thing in its favour. The immortal line “Josh cut off his penis because something came out of my vagina” Sadly as you said, all the ingredients to be a classic, yet so bad.

      • You make a fair point. Good scriptwriting like that is just so damn difficult to come by these days.

  5. This is the worst theatrical release since THE HUNGER GAMES and the only consolation is that I didn’t watch it in theaters. Gulager and his team can only hit pretty much one note. And there’s so much talent on screen that’s wasted by a half-assed script and even worse execution.

    • ‘Talent’ might be a bit of a strong word to use when applied to this movie. I think the problem with it also is that you go in expecting to be entertained, even in the most ridiculous way, and it just falls so completely flat.

      • It was just so boring and by-the-numbers. The first remake was at least fun, like the filmmakers had a blast making it, and it feels that way. The second felt like they were just going through the motions. I don’t know how you can have Gary Busey, Clu Gulager, Ving Rhames, David Hasselhoff and Christopher Lloyd, and still manage to be this godawful.

      • I think the aim was to be funny, but rather than tongue in cheek funny (like the first one was) they’ve gone with Adam Sandler toilet humour funny. They didn’t really even get that right, but I’m guessing that’s what the plan was.

      • Oh, I’ve no doubt they aimed to be funny. The humor was pretty bad though. Like I said, John Gulager and friends have been hitting only one note since the end of the first FEAST film.

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