Short Film: X Marks The Spot

I’m going to be very honest, I’m not usually a major fan of short films. Maybe it’s because I’ve been subjected to too many student films or because I like to be terrified for protracted periods of time, who knows. That being said I like to help out any aspiring film makers wherever I can, so when a certain Gore Whore from Twisted Central asked me to review a short, I was only too delighted to do it.

In my opinion a short horror film should be able to pack into its limited time frame what a full-length movie takes its time in developing and building up to. This is by no means a simple task, but something that X Marks The Spot managed to pull off remarkably well. The plot is simple enough: Abigail has developed this silly habit of telling absolute strangers her every movement via the Friend Tracker app on her phone. Her roommate Chloe thinks that it’s not the best idea, but what’s the worst thing that could happen by letting possible lunatic stalkers know where you are at every single moment of the day?

Well, one day is one day and the stalker eventually shows up and starts following the girls around town before lurking around outside their apartment at the dead of night. In the film’s few short minutes of runtime this guy begins terrorising the girls and, admittedly, the guy’s creepy as hell. To round it all off, and I really wasn’t even expecting it, the movie has a twist at the end, and quite a clever one at that. You wouldn’t think that it could all be packed into that short space of time, but the guys at Twisted Central really did a good job with it.

I’m still not a major fan of short films, and I’m not sure if I’ll ever be converted. That said, it certainly was interesting to see a short film executed properly and it does make me curious to watch more, if only to see how much people can pack into a short space of time and whether or not they can do a proper job of it.

As with everything reviewed here at The B-Horror Blog I like to take lessons from the things I watch. Since it was a short film I will only take the one single, most fundamental lesson I can from it:


  • Weird guys lurking around your apartment’s dumpster are probably not there to make friends with you.

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