You Broke It: 3 Trilogies That Went Awry

Welcome to my latest little project – You Broke It: 3 Trilogies That Went Awry. While I do like to bombard my readers with a constant stream of film reviews there does come a time when I feel I should do something a little different with some form of cohesive thought, which is how we find ourselves here.

Over the coming week I will be looking at 3 different movie series. The movies have been chosen based on specific criteria: the first two movies must follow on from one another and present a continuous narrative while the third movie, although it falls within the franchise, must have absolutely nothing to do with the first two in terms of its storyline and should fall into a completely different horror sub-genre.

It’s gonna be messy, it’s gonna be brutal and, at times, it’s gonna be sad. I hope you enjoy this little misadventure with me 🙂

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